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The Pharmacy Sp. Kanatsidi & Co Ο.Ε. is located at a central spot of Poros, approximately 100 metres from the parking place of the Poros ferry port. This new ultramodern pharmacy spreads on the ground floor of the Diana summer cinema, which is located on the main coastal road of Poros.

The pharmacy is well known for its exceptional customer service. Sissy Kanatsidi, the manageress of the pharmacy, and the staff can provide first aid services to patients and clients. The pharmacy also offers oxygen and blood pressure screening services as well as blood glucose monitoring and seasonal vaccination services.

At the Pharmacy Sp. Kanatsidi & Co Ο.Ε. you can also find homoeopathic medicines, vitamins and food supplements as well as natural products and branded cosmetics such as Korres and Apivita. At the pharmacy you can also find veterinary medicines.