Nymfe Studio

Poros Town

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Marily Ioakeimidou, designer and founder of the brand nymfe studio welcomes us in her store in Poros.

Nymfe is a Greek brand of sophisticated womenswear with minimal design and sustainable philosophy. High-quality fabrics made of natural yarns and sustainable materials, such us coconut buttons, are carefully selected, as sustainability and recycling constitute an important part of nymfe brand identity. A good example is the hang tags made from recycled T-shirts, and thezero waste accessories made of leftovers and fabric scraps.

French seams are used on specific garments to make them last. Based on slow fashion philosophy, production is limited and made by local crafters located in the city of Athens.

Committed to quality, sustainability, ethics and thepassionfor the creative process, nymfe is a fresh brand that is already loved by customers around the world.

In the store you can also find accessories, swimwearand natural cosmetics from Greek designers.

νύμφη: [nýmphé] (nymph) a semi - divine spirit who animates nature for the environments where they live, and are usually depicted as a beautiful, young, and graceful maiden.