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How to get here

how to come to Poros

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You can visit Poros either by car or by ferry.

By car

• Follow the National Road Athens - Corinth.
• Just after Isthmus (or before if you are coming from Patra) turn towards to Epidavros.
• After 30 minutes you will see the cafe - restaurant "Stork" in your left hand and then turn right at the exit for Poros - Spetses - Galatas - Trachea and just below the bridge turn left.
• At 100m. in the small square you continue uphill.
• At 2 km, after passing the antennas, turn left at the exit for Poros - Galatas and in half an hour you will reach the ferries of Galata.
• From Galatas, in the summer season, ferry boats depart for Poros every half hour ("o'clock" and "half past") and the duration of the "journey" is only 5 minutes. See with details the itineraries that are valid per period HERE.

By boat from Piraeus

From the port of Piraeus speedboats depart daily for Poros (flying dolphins or catamaran) and conventional ferries.
The duration of the trip is 1 hour by speedboat and 2:15 by conventional.
Because the itineraries are constantly changing, for more information visit the websites of the ferry companies HERE and HERE or call the Port Authority of Poros at 22980 22274 and the local travel agencies which are listed below.

Aegean Flying Dolphins - Askeli Travel

Tel: 22980 29309 & 22980 22227

Family Tours - Saronic Ferries

Tel: 22980 23743 & 22980 22549

Hellenic Seaways
Marinos Tours

Tel: 22980 23423 & 22980 22977 & 22980 22297

By Bus

Click here to find out about the itineraries from KTEL Argolida website.

Poros is a small island with few roads and short distances and the effort that is made is the internal transportation by car to be the minimum possible, especially in the summer. For this reason, during the tourist season, traffic bans are applied in the center of the island and residents and visitors park their vehicles in the central parking lot of the port (ferry boats) and move to the center on foot or by public transport.

The means of transport in the island are:

Public Transport

It is free of charge with itineraries every 20 minutes and the starting point is at the New West Port (at the beginning of the main coastal road that leads to the center, opposite the neoclassical building of Syggros). See detailed schedules that are valid per period.

Public Transport


The taxi rank is located in the center of the coastal road of the island - tel. 22980 23003


In the summer season, traditional passenger boats depart from Galatas every 10 minutes 24 hours a day. Also, in the summer season there are itineraries to other areas of the island. See in detail the itineraries that are valid per period HERE.

By bike


Emergency number of the Municipality of Poros: 15303
Archaeological Museum: 22980 23276
Police Department: 22980 22256
Agricultural Economics Office: 22980 22202
Tax Office: 22980 26085
Forestry: 22980 22387, 22980 22056
Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator: 22980 23356
Town Hall (Tel. Center): 22983 20500
Municipal Port Authority Fund: 22980 29120
Volunteer fire department: 22980 22199
County Court: 22980 22045
Post Office: 22980 22275
Navy Training Center: 22980 20100
Center for Creative Employment: 2298022760
Galatas Health Center: 22983 20300
Social Grocery - Social Pharmacy: 22980 22596
Port Authority: 22980 22274
Regional Medical Center of Poros: 22980 22600
Fire Brigade of Trizinia: 22980 35199
Taxi: 22980 23003
Customs: 22980 22313
Land Improvement Agency of Lemonodasos: 22980 25184
Local Archive: 22980 26256
Land registry: 22980 25239
Chatzopoulios Municipal Library: 22980 25936


Alpha Bank: 22980 25920
National Bank: 22980 27011
Piraeus Bank: 22980 27034


Municipal Nursery: 22980 23102
1st Kindergarten: 22980 25500
2nd Kindergarten: 22980 24339
First Elementary School: 22980 22388
Second Elementary School: 22980 22329
High school: 22980 22393
Lyceum: 22980 25157


Saint George: 22980 23241
St. Constantine and St. Helen: 22980 26687
Annunciation: 22980 22904
Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi: 22980 22926