Athletic & Cultural events in Poros Island

  • Borders of reestablished greece (sinoriaka) 2019

    Saturday, August 31, 20:30, Russian Naval Base: Michalis Hatzigiannis Concert

  • Borders of reestablished greece (sinoriaka) 2019

    Friday, August 30, 21:00, Heroon Square: Concert by the Navy’s Band

  • Borders of reestablished greece (sinoriaka) 2019

    Thursday, 29 August, 21:00: Presentation of Kostis Douzina's book for the Konstantinos Logothetis Douzinas’ archive (1803-1830), and the history of Poros

  • 11th international academy & piano festival "Anastasios lemonis"

    Monday - Thursday, 19-29 of August: The event attracts new pianists from all over the world, presenting unique recitals, including the impressive recitals at Poseidon’s Temple.

  • Poros Arts Festival 2019

    Monday, August 5, 21:00, Neorio / Petros Beach: Special feature to Lucianos Kilaidonis, by Doros Demosthenes and Maria Kilaidonis

  • Chamber music by leondari ensemble

    Tuesday, August 2, 21:30, Amphitheater, at Syngrou building: The annual meeting of renowned musicians from all over the world, presenting a series of concerts on the Saronic Islands (there is an admission fee)

  • Poros Arts Festival 2019

    Saturday, July 20, 21:00, Saint George Square: piano recital by Giorgos Volikas, "Genesis"

  • Poros Arts Festival 2019

    Saturday, July 13, 21:00: Askeli Beach: Burger Project

  • 2nd handcraft festival

    Saturday - Sunday 13-14 of July, pedestrian area of the municipal market: Outdoor exhibition of photography "Poros: the island we love", narration of the book "I am the Lion of Kythira", operation of a lending library, held by volunteers, environmental awareness actions etc.

  • Concert by the band of the coast guard

    Sunday, June 30, 21:00, Poros Waterfront (Paralia) : The Hellenic Coast Guard Band visits Poros, in order to commemorate the foundation of the Coast Guard, 100 years ago.


On June 8th & 9th, the Municipality of Poros, the Saronic Triathlon Club and the company whynot are organizing the multisport race under the name POROSEA 2019 (triathlon, aquathlon, swimming and running races) on the beautiful island of Poros. The cosmopolitan beauty of Poros, along with the amazing racing routes and the unique sea water, promises an extraordinary athletic weekend, right at the beginning of the summer.

Under the auspices
• of the Ministry of Culture
• of the Ministry of Tourism
• of the GNTO

Welcoming note from the mayor

It is our goal and objective to carefully and systematically develop annual sports tourism events on our island. Poros is becoming a sports happening destination, where athletes, families and friends are well respected. Our cooperation with the Company whynot is the proof that our goals are high. We will work closely with a company that has extensive experience in national cycling tournaments, triathlon races, running events and multi-day tours.

During the two-day race period, the municipality, its services, the volunteers, the local businesses and the Associations will collaborate with whynot company so that everything will run smoothly, not only in terms of the race itself, but also in the hospitality aspect, the ongoing events and generally all these preparations that will make our visitors experience an unforgettable weekend.

I wish you a great training session and we are looking forward to welcoming you on our island.

Ioannis Dimitriadis
Mayor of Poros

Porosea 2019

Watch the official multisport event Porosea 2019 video

Porosea 2018

Watch the official multisport event Porosea 2018 video

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