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Through many years of experience at sea we have everything you need to make your vacation more exciting this summer.

Our motor boats are constantly maintained and fully equipped with the latest navigation and safety systems in order to meet the highest standards and make your trip safe and pleasant.

Join the Nakas Rentals crew, become a captain for a day or more, discover hidden treasures and live your dream.

Boat rentals without licence
You want to leave the dream of being a captain for a day or more but you don’t have a license or any experience? In Nakas rentals we can make your dream come true.

Tailor made cruises with luxury Ribs
Specially tailored for your expectations, the Luxury Cruise at Nakas Rentals aimed to meet needs for couples, families or a group of individuals seeking the perfect journey under the cerulean blue sky.

Splendid Saronic activities
Trust Nakas Rentals and create a lifetime experience with us.You might have the chance for a surprise meeting with Dolphins or Tunas. Discover shipwrecks, natural seabed, history and culture, thrilling activities and tastes from the Heart of the Saronic Gulf!

Wreck Snorkeling
Greece’s seabed is a vast museum of modern wrecks, including the area of the Aegean Sea in the Saronic Gulf. At Nakas Rentals we offer a unique opportunity to explore marine nature by snorkeling into the unseen worlds underneath us.

VIP Transfers
Secured, comfortable and just in time!
Our reliable VIP Transfers with full-serviced and most safe RIBs, will take you to local destination on demand.

Villa tender boat
You deserve more with Nakas Rentals!
For advanced stay at exclusive villas, our team can arrange the luxurious and comfortable sea transportation solutions by equipping a luxurious and fast RIB of your preference.

Yacht chase & tenders
We provide professional chase boat services for special guests, for you and your loving family members. Our multifunctional luxurious RIBs and reliable certified crew member will assist with any need or special request, from guest & luggage transportation to provisions & equipment supply.

Regatta spectator boats
Be a part of a world-class racing with some of the world’s most seasoned sailors at Nakas Rentals. Crystal clear waters and cooling northeast trade winds give the pristine conditions for spectacular racing just off the Saronic Gulf Coast.

Private Cruises
Share your needs with us and we can plan routes and destinations in the Saronic Gulf. Choose among swimming and snorkeling in beautiful and private beaches, romantic lunch by the sea in a famous bar restaurant, a glass of champagne and sightseeing from one of our luxurious rib boats, massage and spa nearby the sea.