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Captain Tasos has been professionally engaged in fishing since 1994. With his experience you will learn techniques & secrets for the perfect catch.

Fishing to the crystal clean waters of the Saronic Gulf, touring, swimming and at the end lunch on the boat with your fish!

You will swim to beautiful caves, to crystal blue-green waters with the pines reaching the sandy beaches and shores.

Fishing Techniques:

Line Fishing: We can catch various fish like this, such as small tuna, sirtes, loutsous, melanouria, and other foam fish.

Angling: With this method we can catch fish such as Chanous, Lithrinia, Sargous and other fish from the undersea.

Netting: The nets have been put to the sea from the previous day and we can catch barbounia, cod, skorpines, and many other type of fishes.

Fishing Bait:
We can catch fish such as fagria, lithrinia, sinagrides, steires, sargous and other...