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Exploring the World of Swimming with Swimming Cruise

Discover the Swimming Cruise: The Ultimate Cruise for Swimming Enthusiasts
A Refreshing Journey to the Islands of the Saronic Gulf

The stunning destinations of the Saronic Gulf meet the professional expertise of Olympic champion Ioannis Drymonakos on the Swimming Cruise. A cruise that promises unforgettable moments of swimming and relaxation for all sea activity enthusiasts.

What Swimming Cruise Offers: Cruise Options

Swimming Week: A week filled with swimming lessons from champion Giannis Drymonakos.

Daily Excursions: Daily cruises with swimming lessons at various destinations.

Triathlon Week: A special offer for triathlon enthusiasts who want to combine sports with vacation.

Customized Cruises: Create your own unique holiday experience on a 15-meter sailing boat.

During each cruise, passengers enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks, while swimming lessons are offered for all levels, with personalized swimming video analysis.

For more information and bookings, visit swimmingcruise.com