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'...We opened a window to the world, we dreamed of a glimpse of heaven, we climbed the heights of the city and spread our dream on the roof... Honeysuckle, jasmine and a white cloth...'

It doesn't matter that decades have passed since it first opened its doors...

Even though our lives have been overwhelmed by DVDs and multiplexes...

'Cine Diana' has given in the past to many of us the opportunity to know and love cinema, to come into contact with exquisite examples of the seventh art and to communicate culturally.

The completely renovated cinema 'Cine Diana' is with you again and remains the timeless proposal for magical cinematic escapes under the stars of our island.

With a new, cool summer room next to the sea

With new state-of-the-art audio and video equipment

With a great bar full of snacks like fresh popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, granitas, cold beers and more.

With a carefully selected program, from the best films in cinemas and which cover all tastes and all ages...

'Cine Diana' is now the trademark of Poros in the field of entertainment and still gathers a large audience looking for evening breaths of coolness.

We are waiting for you to re-discover the renovated 'Cine Diana' and fill your summer evenings with unique images that will spring from the white cloth of our summer cinema.

'Come and discover the magic of a projection under the stars and next to the sea'.