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Punda, Poros
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Because the destination doesn't matter, but the journey does.

So we created our own Ithaca in the beautiful Pounta of Poros, with the aim of taking you on a journey with our unique flavors in a place of island and ethnic aesthetics, ready to welcome you in its beautiful courtyard.

Here, the steaming coffee is accompanied by handmade semolina halva, and as the day goes by, we unfold our gastronomic side with brunch delicacies and desserts that satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Hospitality for us is synonymous with quality.

Perel, also known as Pearl, is a meeting point with plenty of options for the entire day, as well as the evening, offering a rich cocktail and wine list accompanied by jazz and ethnic rhythms.

And if you find Ithaki poor, still she has not deceived you.
With such amassed experience and wisdom,
you’ll know by now the meaning of Ithakis.
K. Kavafis