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At Ermou Street, in the picturesque alley of Poros, the smell of butter, cinnamon, chocolate and vanilla, breaks your nose. Twenty-six years, from the most creative of his life, Poros pastry chef Giorgos Kanatsidis had to devote himself to making an enchanting patisserie, specializing in the production of local sweets.

The result justifies it today, as everyone knows the excellent quality of the materials and the creative imagination that seals his products, for which Poros is proud. At Glykisma Pastry, you can find a great variety of delicious desserts.

From fresh tarts, pastries and traditional Amygdaloto of Poros, up to many kinds of sweets, cakes and homemade ice cream. From various wrapped up sweets to delicious "shou" and "eklers".

All prepared with love, fresh and pure ingredients.

Taste our unique "baklavadaki". A secret recipe, worshiped by all who have tried it.