Pavlou Shop

Poros Town

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At Pavlou Shop you can find:

Electrical equipment
Cables & Wires, Light bulbs, Light switches, Automatic switches, Tools

Pipes, Bathroom - kitchen batteries, Water filters, Brass fittings, Hoses, Sanitary ware

Surveillance Cameras
Integrated CCTV systems and equipment

Yacht equipment
Pumps, Sailing Instruments, Electrical panels, Switches, Fuses, Cables

Small Appliances
Kettles, Toasters, Countertop ovens, Blenders, Vacuum cleaners, Electric hair dryers

Heat - Cold
Radiators, Quartz stoves, Air heaters, Dehumidifiers, Floor, table and ceiling fans

Mobile Phone Accessories
Cell phones, Mobile Chargers, Mobile cases, Handsfrees, Bluetooth speakers

Computer Supplies
Networking hardware, Keyboards - Mice, Speakers - Headphones, Cables, Laptop stands

Electronic cigarette
Liquids (Ready - DIY), Devices, Atomizers, Resistances

Gifts & smart home items

Smoking items
Tobacco cases, Grinders, Hookahs, Lighters

Seasonal items
Christmas decoration items, Carnival supplies, Easter decoration items, Easter decoration items

BBQ items
Outdoor grills, Grills, Barbecue Skewers

Camping Supplies
Camping Tents, Sleeping mattresses, Substrates, Sleeping bags

Travel accessories
Suitcases, Backpacks

Herbal Cosmetics with olive, aloe, donkey milk, Elixir, Sixteen, Eye and lip pencils, Nail polishes, Lip gloss - lipsticks, Eye shadows, concealers, powders

Flip flops
IPANEMA, RIDER, HOT SAND, BODY GLOVE, MITSUKO, Leather sandals, Beach shoes

LPG Supplies
LPG cylinders 3lt/5lt, Gas stoves, Blowtorches, Camping gas stoves, Regulators, Gas Lamps