Amaltheia Alternative Therapy Center

Poros Town

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Welcome to Amaltheia, an alternative therapy center specializing in treatments that are designed to respond to contemporary needs, using natural and organic products, oils and essential oils. Put yourself in the hands of our expert therapists and enjoy!

The alternative therapy center is located in the traditional area of Poros in a meticulously place, made of love in order to offer you relaxation and to take you back in time to Ancient Greece.

Konstantina Vlachou, the owner, has a deep love of the greek civilization. She has studied Hippocratic Oath and Ancient Greek Massage.

Ancient Greek Massage® is a healing technique that is based on techniques supported by Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Hippocrate’s techniques were applied in wrestling schools in ancient Greece, in gyms by pedotribes (coaches in ancient greek palestras) and to patients in Asklipias that operated as healing centers. It is a healing that releases stress offering a deep sense of relaxation and wellness and at the same time brings us close to the ancient greek thought.